About College

Lyngngam Presbyterian College is a co-educational Institution set up by the Ri-Lyngngam Presbytery. It was inaugurated by TBn. B. K. Laitflang, Principal of Nongstoin College on the 15th June 2016.

Lyngngam Presbyterian College is the only College situated in the suburb of Mawshynrut, the Civil Sub-Division of West Khasi Hills. It was established as a regional institution with a clear vision that it would impart quality education to the economically disadvantage student and community at large, which otherwise deprived of the opportunity to pursue education elsewhere. The nearest Degree College at Nongstoin is 50 km away and 140 km from the Capital Shillong.

The College is located at Mawthengkut which is about 5 km from Riangdo Market, the centre hub of Mawshynrut. Hence, the college is well connected by means of public road transportation

The Motto of the College is “Witness, Wisdom & Life”.


To instill the spirit of full dedication, devotion and commitment among all the students mentally and spiritual making then good citizen who would serve the society with witness, wisdom and life.


To promote social unity, religious tolerance and community development to foster national integration with thrust on achieving academic ambience.


To make students leaders, entrepreneurs and job creation but not job seekers. To equip the student’s personally to face any challenges anywhere with self-confidence, self-discipline and self-experience in daily life.